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Which FPV goggles are recommended for drone racing?

When playing with a drone, I think FPV goggles will be a problem.

The purpose of using FPV goggles is to use it for racing at Tinywhoop, use in races such as 5 inches, freestyle, free flight, etc., the use of goggles is different for each person.

The challenge is that the price ranges from expensive to cheap and there are many options. Therefore, I would like to introduce the recommended FPV goggles in the ranking format, such as the past experience and the reputation of others.

And if you don't mind purchasing costs, we recommend using FatShark Dominator HDO2, the latest FPV goggle sold by FatShark in 2019.

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These notes are for flying drones in Japan.

In rare cases we have been asked about FPV goggles licenses, but FPV goggles do not require a license. However, to install VTX on a drone that transmits video radio waves, an amateur radio license is required.

Points to know when purchasing FPV goggles for drones

I will explain the point that it is better to hold down this much when purchasing FPVGoggles.

FPV goggles have monocular and binocular types

Monocular FPV goggles

Monocular FPV goggles

Binocular Type FPV Goggles

Binocular Type FPV goggles

Monocular monitor type FPV goggles

The monocular monitor type is a goggles that sees one monitor with both eyes.

The advantage is suitable for the entry model because there are many products with low price.In addition, it may be possible to use wearing glasses because there are many wide goggles.

Disadvantages are that they are not suitable for carrying because of their large and heavy size.In addition, because the width of the monitor is wide, it is necessary to recognize the image by moving the eyes.

Binocular monitor type FPV goggles

The binocular monitor type has two monitors, and it becomes a goggles that you see with each eye.Because there are a lot of high-performance and expensive things, it can be said that it is a product for intermediate to advanced.

The advantage is that it is possible to check the entire image without moving the eyes relatively, making it easy to capture the image.In addition, compared to the monocular monitor type, there are many compact size and lightweight products, and it is convenient for carrying around.

The disadvantage is that the investment cost is high because it is expensive.

Does the FPV goggles have a recording function (DVR)?

The purpose of using FPV goggles is to operate while watching the video flew from the drone, but you will want to improve your maneuvering skills by watching the recorded video, or you will want to enjoy it by publishing it on YouTube.

Some types of FPV goggles can store videos. Recently, even cheap goggles have a video recording function (DVR).

When you are flying a drone, you will always want to record the flight video and ask for the video, so it is recommended to select FPV goggles with recording function.

How wide is the IPD (inter-pupil distance) adjustment of FPV goggles?

This item is limited to two-eye monitor type, but let's check the adjustment width of the IPD.

IPD is different from person to person in the distance between the pupil and the pupil.If it does not fit within the adjustment range of this distance, the image will become blurred and become visible.

In addition, since the PID adjustment range has been widening for the most recently sold products, it is becoming difficult to happen that it did not fit at all.

It is the PID value of the FPV goggles introduced in this article for reference.

PID average value of America wiki refe64mm(min:53 max:77)
Fatshark Attitude v5 59-69mm
Fatshark Dominator HDO 59-69mm
Fatshark Dominator HDO2 54-74mm
Skyzone SKY03O 57.5- 69.5mm

Other things to check

If you have bad eyes, make sure you can wear a vision correction lens.

FPV goggles are difficult to see the video of the monitor if the eyes are bad.

As a countermeasure, in the case of "monocular monitor type", make sure that you can wear FPV goggles while wearing glasses. Also, make sure that you can wear a vision correction lens (diopter lens) if you use a “two-eye monitor type”.

Check aspect ratio ratio

It is necessary to check which aspect ratio of FPV goggles is.
If you are not sure which one to choose, select an aspect ratio of 4: 3. However, some people are enjoying drones at 16: 9, so I can not always say which is better.

Check the value of the FOV angle

I don't think we need to worry too much about FOV angles.In fact, I also use FPV goggles with different FOV angles, but I don't feel that much difference myself.

I think that it is possible to recognize the difference if it is a top racer who is active in drone racing etc. surely.

Introducing FPV goggles in ranking format

1st Place Fatshark Dominator HDO2

FatShark Dominator HDO2
Resolution 1280 x 960 OLED
Fov 46
Aspect ratio 4:3 or 16:9 Switching
Recording function Available
Weight 231g
Vision correction Can be mounted on a corrected lens
IPD (pupillar distance) 57.5- 69.5mm
Battery 18650mah 2 pcs (purchased separately)
Case included
Price s.499.99
(As of December 29, 2019)

It is "Fatshark Dominator HDO2" of a two-lens monitor type that was launched from a famous site of FPV goggles a few months ago. The PID adjustment range has been expanded from this model, and a vision correction function has been added.

If you don't care about the cost because you can watch very clear video, we recommend purchasing "Fatshark Dominator HDO2".

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FatShark Dominator HDO2
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2nd Skyzone SKY03O Oled

Skyzone SKY03O Oled
Resolution 1024 x 768 OLED
Fov 35
Aspect ratio 4:3 or 16:9 Switching
Recording function Available
Weight 231g
Vision correction Can be mounted on a corrected lens
IPD (pupillar distance) 57.5- 69.5mm
Price s.479.99
(As of January 1, 2020)

"Skyzone SKY03O Oled" is a popular FPV goggles for those who play with Tinywhoop in Japan with a wide variety of colors.

The reason why it is popular is that the appearance of the product is high-quality and that the image is vivid.In addition, since the receiver is built into the FPV goggles, it is possible to reduce the initial cost because it is not necessary to purchase an external receiver.

3rd Fatshark Attitude V5

Fatshark Attitude V5
Resolution 640 x 400 OLED
Fov 30
Aspect ratio 4:3
Recording function Available
Weight 224g
Vision correction Can be mounted on a corrected lens
IPD (pupillar distance) 59-69mm
Price USD 299.99
(As of January 1, 2020)

Fatshark Attitude V5 is a low-cost version of the FPV goggles "Fatshark Dominator HDO2".

Since we have adopted an organic EL monitor, it is a product that I want to recommend to those who start drones in the future.In addition, FPV antenna is also included, so it is also attractive that there is no need to purchase additional products.

The external receiver can only be installed in "immersionrc rapidfire".

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Other Eachine EV800DM

Eachine EV800DM
Resolution 900 x 600
Fov -
Aspect ratio 4:3
Recording function Available
Weight 320g
Vision correction Glasses can be worn
IPD (pupillar distance) -
Price USD 85.99
(As of January 1, 2020)

The "Eachine EV800DM" is a monocular monitor type FPV goggles, making it an entry model for low cost.

Since it is possible to wear the recording function and glasses, if you can not decide which FPV goggles to buy, we recommend that you purchase "Eachine EV800DM" and consider the FPV goggles to purchase next.


If you have many FPV goggles, you will wonder which product to buy. Therefore, we carefully selected and introduced the four products.

Refer to the article to decide which product to buy.

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